wellnessPreventing illness, injury and poor performance is the best strategy for keeping your horse healthy and achieving cost-efficient veterinary care.

Werner Equine provides wellness care tailored to meet each individual horse’s unique needs. Age, physical condition, allergies, chronic medical conditions and training schedules are just a few factors that can affect which wellness care services Dr. Werner will recommend for your horse.

Physical examination – the key value of Wellness Care

Physical examination by an experienced equine veterinarian is the cornerstone and key value of wellness care. It reveals your horse’s baseline physical condition at that visit – important information to know before any treatments are given or should illness or injury occur later in the year.

When added to our knowledge of your horse’s medical history, physical examination findings help Dr. Werner recommend appropriate vaccinations, parasite control, dentistry, nutritional advice and any indicated diagnostic testing.

Wellness Care recommendations change

As regional disease profiles change and new therapies and treatments emerge, we regularly update Werner Equine’s wellness care protocols.

For example, our recommendations for vaccination and parasite control have changed in recent years due to parasite control advances and outbreaks of certain diseases.

Special Needs

Pregnant mares, foals, geriatric (older) horses, patients with chronic medical conditions and equine athletes that compete and/or travel often require specialized wellness care. If your horse is in one of these categories, Dr. Werner can help you design a wellness care regimen that meets your horse’s specific needs.

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