staffVeterinary Assistant
Deb works with Dr. Werner at each patient appointment as his Veterinary Assistant.  We use trained assistants at veterinary visits to minimize the risk of injury for patients, handlers and veterinarians.  

Deb is skilled at handling equine patients. She can lessen a horse’s stress during diagnostics procedures and treatments.

Reach Deb by phone 860.653.5088 or email techs@wernerequine.com

Office Manager
At Werner Equine, we work hard to provide exceptional client service. Our experienced Office Manager, Linda, is your best source for information about appointments, patient records, prescription refills, billing, etc.  

Reach Linda by phone 860.653.5088 or email linda@wernerequine.com 

Practice Manager
, our Practice Manager, is responsible for overall management of Werner Equine. She works closely with Dr. Werner and staff to continually evaluate and improve patient care and client service.
Reach Susan by phone 860.653.5088 or email susan@wernerequine.com

Call us @ 860.653.5088 if you have questions about Werner Equine staff.