referralsDr. Werner regularly sees patients referred to him by a horse’s owner, trainer, farrier, primary care veterinarian or other parties.

He can also provide consultation services for cases where diagnostic images (e.g. digital imaging studies, videos, etc.) are sent to him by email.

Veterinarian Referred Cases

If your Primary Care Veterinarian refers your horse to Dr. Werner for a consultation, we will work closely with you and your veterinarian as the case progresses.

With a horse owner’s permission, we will ask the Primary Care Veterinarian to email the patient’s medical history and pertinent diagnostic imaging/test reports to our office.

At the conclusion of a case, we will report to you and your Primary Care Veterinarian.

Farrier Referred Cases

If a Farrier refers your horse to Dr. Werner for a consultation, we can work closely with you and your farrier as the case progresses.

With your permission, we can email Farriery Recommendations and diagnostic images to a Farrier to facilitate appropriate foot care for your horse.

Cases Referred by Trainers, Horse Owners or other Equine Professionals  

Dr. Werner regularly sees patient cases sent to him by trainers, other equine professionals and horse owners.

Imaging Consultations

Dr. Werner can consult on cases where diagnostic imaging studies, videos, etc. are sent to him via email. Please call our office for details about how to arrange for an Imaging Consult.

Call us at 860.653.5088 if you have questions about Referrals & Consults at Werner Equine.