Routine Calls 860.653.5088

Our experienced staff handles routine phone calls about patients and accounts during office hours on weekdays from 8am-5pm.

Emergencies: call 860.653.5088 at any time

If you call with an Emergency on Monday-Friday 8am-5pm: our trained staff will answer your call, forward information to the doctor and schedule an emergency visit.

If you call us before 8am/after 5pm on weekdays, on weekends or on a holiday: our Answering Service will respond to your call and forward information to the doctor who will contact you.

  • When you call, you will reach voice mail.
  • Press 0 or stay on the line for our answering service.
  • Describe your urgent problem or question.
  • Ask the service to contact Dr. Werner immediately to have him call you. Keep your phone line open.
  • You should hear from Dr. Werner within 15 minutes; if you do not – please call 860.653.5088 again.

Doctor Phone Time

The best time to reach Dr. Werner directly to speak briefly with him about your horse before daily patient appointments begin is during his weekday Phone Time from 8-9am.


You may fax Werner Equine at 860.653.5088


Dr. Werner                  hwwvmd@wernerequine.com
Office Manager          linda@wernerequine.com
Veterinary Assistant    techs@wernerequine.com
Practice Manager       susan@wernerequine.com

Please email us only about non-urgent matters. We check email Monday through Friday during regular business hours (8am-5pm).


Dr. Werner may not be able to respond to incoming text messages sent to him directly for 24 hours or more depending on his schedule of appointments.