Our practice statistics are proving what veterinary research reported -. more than 80% of our patients require minimal de-worming on a regular basis.

Current veterinary medical research recommends that parasite control regimens should be strategic and customized to fit each horse’s unique needs.

Horse owners can avoid needless, expensive over-medication and minimize the environmental contamination that outdated de-worming practices can create by using a Strategic Parasite Control Regimen for their horses.

Dr. Werner can evaluate your horse’s history, the physical examination findings at your horse’s Wellness Visit and Fecal Analysis test results to identify your horse’s Parasite Ova Shedder Type. He can also identify if there is parasite resistance to the current de-wormers you are using.

With this diagnostic information, Dr. Werner can then advise you about which de-worming drugs you can administer to meet your horse’s specific needs regarding parasite control.

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