EmergenciesIn an Emergency – call 860.653.5088 at any time

  • Emergencies are handled best at our hospital. Trailering services information is available.
  • We can usually provide on-farm emergency care for cases that cannot be trailered to our hospital.

If you call us with an Emergency on Monday-Friday 8am-5pm: our trained staff will answer your call, forward information to the doctor and schedule an emergency visit.

If you call us before 8am/after 5pm on weekdays, on weekends or on a holiday: our Answering Service will respond to your call and forward information to the doctor who will contact you.

  • When you call, you will reach voice mail.
  • Press 0 or stay on the line for our answering service.
  • Describe your urgent problem or question.
  • Ask the service to contact Dr. Werner immediately to have him call you. Keep your phone line open.
  • You should hear from Dr. Werner within 15 minutes; if you do not – please call 860.653.5088 again.

Scheduled, non-emergency Appointments are available 9:30am-5pm weekdays at our hospital and on-farm. Our office is open weekdays 8am-5pm. Please call us early in the day to schedule.

Please see When to Call a Veterinarian on this website for a list of patient conditions that are considered to be emergencies.

Call us at 860.653.5088 to learn more about Emergency services at Werner Equine.