diagDiagnostic imaging advances – particularly digital imaging which we have been using for more than 12 years – have improved our ability to visualize normal and abnormal anatomy in the horse. We now see inflammation and changes in bone and soft tissue more accurately and use imaging to guide us as we perform intricate procedures.  

Digital Radiography and Digital Ultrasonography
Digital imaging is particularly valuable when evaluating a lame horse. As many lameness cases involve both bone and soft tissue structures, Dr. Werner may use several imaging techniques to get the information needed for an accurate diagnosis. 

If your horse is lame, Dr. Werner must first localize the source of pain. In most case, the process begins with considering lameness history, conducting a thorough physical examination and then performing specific diagnostic anesthesia (nerve blocks).  

Once he identifies the general location of the pain, Dr. Werner may use digital imaging to gather more in-depth diagnostic information that can help him recommend an appropriate treatment plan for your horse. 

Videoendoscopy is used to examine a horse’s upper airway, urogenital tract and upper gastrointestinal tract. It allows real-time imaging and facilitates biopsy and cytology procedures.

Gastric Videoendoscopy (Gastroscopy)
Since 1999, Dr. Werner has used videoendoscopy to diagnose gastric ulcers in horses. We perform Gastric Videoendoscopy at our clinic and at on-farm locations.

If your Primary Care Veterinarian refers your horse to Werner Equine for Gastric Videoendoscopy, we can copy Gastroscopy Reports to your doctor who can then provide any indicated aftercare treatment. 

Thermographic imaging shows subtle differences in infra-red radiation originating from the horse’s skin. The thermography findings can help us pinpoint areas of inflamed tissue below the skin itself.

Diagnostic Hoof Imaging
We routinely use ultrasonography, radiography and thermography to evaluate hoof lameness and to facilitate farriery care.

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